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Celebrate Christmas in Helsinki

December 13, 2017
Although Helsinki has some short winter days being so close to the North, the Christmas time here is certainly a magical one. If you are visiting the city in 2017, then it would be a sight to behold as it is Finland’s 100th-anniversary celebration! We have written about some things that you could do if you are visiting the city of Helsinki and want to celebrate Christmas without just relaxing in a sauna.
Thumbnail for Things to do in Helsinki in Winter

Things to do in Helsinki in Winter

December 05, 2017
When we recommend visiting Helsinki in winter, the odd reaction people have is that the city will be dull, dark and cold. While the last two points may be true, Helsinki is in no way dull during the winter months; especially during Christmas time. Read more to find about the things that you can do when visiting the Finnish capital during these months to get the most out of your trip.
Thumbnail for Must Try Foods in Helsinki

Must Try Foods in Helsinki

November 23, 2017
Helsinki food may not be famous, but it sure is memorable. You understand the culture, the local food items used and the history, behind the creation of each dish. We have written about some basic and unforgettable food items that you must try when visiting Helsinki.
Thumbnail for Best Bars in Helsinki

Best Bars in Helsinki

November 20, 2017
Although Helsinki may be a place easily explored on foot, this Finnish capital is packed with hidden gems that tourists often overlook. Bursting with youthful energy, the bars here are ideal if you want to let your hair down and enjoy a good party. We have written about the top 3 bars that you must visit on your trip to Helsinki.

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