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The best way to understand the culture of any place is to be a part of it. Likewise, to understand the Finnish culture in Helsinki, you must first explore their art, traditions, gastronomy, history and also geographical conditions. The Finnish people have a strong scene of patriotism, and their culture mainly revolves around these principles.

Helsinki is famous for its design organisations representing the Scandinavian design style. It was named the 'European Capital of Culture' in 2000 and the 'World Design Capital' in 2012. The city offers a variety of social events like music festivals, concerts and dramas, film festivals, etc.


Galerie Forsblom

Galerie Forsblom

Galerie Forsblom is one of the most prominent art galleries in Finland, which works to bring international talents to its exhibition...

Forum Box

The Forum Box is a non-profit co-operative society operated by artists in Finland. Established in 1996 by academician...


Helsinki Festival

Helsinki Festival (Swedish: Helsingfors festspel) is an annual event in August that celebrates music, dance, theatre and...

Walpurgis Night (Vappu)

One of Finland's biggest festivals, Walpurgis Night (Swedish: Vappen/ Saint Walpurgis Night/ Saint Walpurga's Eve), is a carnival-like ...



Ateneum is one of the most famous art museums in Helsinki and is part of the Finnish National Gallery. The...

Sinebrychoff Art Museum

The Sinebrychoff Art Museum (Swedish: Konstmuseet Sinebrychoff) displays ancient European art collections...



Annantalo aims to promote and support art education and culture in Helsinki. The centre organises changing exhibitions...

Cable Factory

Cable Factory is Finland's most prominent cultural hub, spread across 5 hectares. The centre accommodates six...

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