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Fun Places to Visit Outdoors in Helsinki

September 06, 2019
Archipelagos, blue seas, and lush forests; the Finnish capital is the perfect location for nature lovers. You can get an authentic experience, view lands untouched by civilization as you head into the majestic wild. Helsinki gets a lot of sunshine between May and September thanks to its latitude, you’ll be seeing the sun even at 10.00pm! This means you can do a lot of exploring before it gets dark. Here are some amazing places to visit when you’re out and about in Helsinki.
Thumbnail for Scuba Diving in Helsinki - A Lifetime Experience

Scuba Diving in Helsinki - A Lifetime Experience

August 20, 2019
Helsinki isn’t just the Finnish capital known for its tourist sightseeing spots and a picturesque coastline, but it is also filled with lush natural scenery with plenty of outdoor activities that you can do. If you wish to explore more of the marine life in this part of the world, definitely try scuba diving experience. Don’t forget to capture some amazing memories along the way!
Thumbnail for Wheelchair Friendly Travel in Helsinki

Wheelchair Friendly Travel in Helsinki

August 09, 2019
Helsinki is a popular tourist hub and a stunning coastal city of Finland that gathers a lot of tourists and travel attention from visitors all over the world. While the city is compact and small enough to travel on foot, it is certainly becoming friendly for wheelchair users and people with mobility problems as well. If you are planning a trip to Helsinki to visit the local attractions, read more to check out how easy it is to explore Helsinki in a wheelchair!
Thumbnail for Unique Ways of Getting Around Helsinki

Unique Ways of Getting Around Helsinki

July 18, 2019
The capital of Finland is a compact city bursting with nature, design, and culture. Helsinki is a well-connected city with a variety of options for getting around on foot, by private or public transport. The city has a popular bike service, rentable electric scooters and a robust public transport system, so there are a lot of ways to explore the city. Helsinki has large coastline with many small islands peppered alongside it so you can use unique ways to explore the city; take one of the archipelago cruises or a rowing boat and admire the lush cityscape from the waters.

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