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Visit Helsinki’s Five Popular Churches

The Helsinki Cathedral
The Helsinki Cathedral, Credit: Pixabay / tap5a

Holidays, especially those from Thanksgiving to Christmas during the winter season, are a wonderful time to get together with family or friends. You can enjoy dining at Helsinki’s local restaurants, or prepare a feast at home. What truly brings the family together is visiting some of the city’s churches, especially during the time leading up to mass. Spread the holiday cheer & make a plan to visit the local churches!

St. John’s Church

The St. John’s Church is located in the Ullanlinna district and was constructed between 1888 to 1891. Besides the beautiful landscape overlooking the church, including lawns & playgrounds, the building itself is a work of art, both on the exterior and the interior. Don’t miss out on the 74m twin towers attached to the church!

Uspenski Cathedral

Uspenski Cathedral is what you would expect a traditional Helsinki church to look like. This cathedral is considered to be the largest Orthodox church in Western Europe and was built in 1868. Sturdy, imposing and made from red bricks, the church has domes, stained windows, towers and many gold crosses glistening in the sunlight. The church is larger but almost has an ethereal quality.

Kamppi Chapel

Kamppi Chapel
Kamppi Chapel, Credit: Pixabay / Angelo_Giordano

Unlike any traditional churches in Helsinki, Kamppi Chapel brings modern Finnish architecture to light. A popular spot for tourists and locals, this ‘Chapel of Silence’ offers the perfect place to enjoy quiet solitude despite its location in the middle of the city. Quiet, warm and bright, this church welcomes all visitors to come and meditate and soak in the stillness during their day.

The Helsinki Cathedral

Without a doubt, Helsinki Cathedral should be your first visit when you plan a trip to the capital of Finland! Overlooking the city, this towering structure that glistens brightly on a clear sunny day was completed in 1839 and designed by Carl Ludvig Engel. The church is famous for weddings & events at Senate Square.

Kallio Church

Constructed between 1908 to 1912, the Kallio Church looms on the hill like a dominant institution. This church is designed in the Latin cross layout and has a tower with church bells. The church tower alone is 65m high and regularly plays the chorale from 12 noon to 6 pm.

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