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Card Games You Can Play When Travelling

Playing cards
Credit: Pexels/Joe Ng

Unless you’ve planned the most intense travel schedule ever, no matter how busy a holiday trip to Finland is, you’ll always have a bit of downtime. Whether it’s a few hours in the airport while waiting for your flight to Helsinki, winding down in the evening after a busy day, or killing time waiting for the weather to clear, the chances are that you’ll have several hours with nothing to do at some point during your trip. 

Card games are a great way to fill these gaps. Not only are card games good for all ages and groups of all sizes but they’re also portable. While there are dozens of classic games that can be played with a simple deck of cards, there are now so many more options too.

The board and card game industry has blossomed in the last 20 years. There are now tons of unique games for players of all skill levels and interests. We’ve picked some of our favourites to give you some inspiration for what to play on your next holiday. Enjoy!


Poker is one of the most popular gambling card games and it’s also a great way to keep a group entertained for a few hours. Hands don’t necessarily take very long to play either, so you can play as many rounds as your group is interested in playing. Since poker is played all around the world, it can also be a way to make new friends while you’re travelling around Helsinki. With all of the variants, it’s always a perfect game for a rainy day.

If you’ve forgotten your cards¾or you just don’t feel like travelling with an entire poker table set up¾an online casino can be a great alternative. While these are usually best for solo play, you can also try to get a group together to play at the same table if the online casino has live casino options.


This pun-tastic game is perfect for people who love words and making puns. The gameplay is fairly simple, each round, two cards are drawn, and all of the players have to make up a pun using both cards. The player acting as the judge for each round chooses the pun that they think is the best (or worst!) and assigns a point.

One of the fun features of this game is that it includes an envelope, with the suggestion that a prize should be placed in it for the game’s champion. This could provide an added bit of fun while travelling as trinkets and souvenirs could be picked up throughout the trip and then used as prizes.

Exploding Kittens

Don’t let the name scare you, this game is actually incredibly silly and fun! Exploding Kittens quickly rose to the top of the charts after it was released and nearly a decade later, it is still just as popular. It’s even spawned a number of expansion packs and spin-offs.

The quirky illustrations and easy gameplay increase the appeal of this game. It’s a simple strategy game that’s fairly easy to master but it has an element of surprise that keeps it engaging. Exploding Kittens is the kind of game that you can play any time you have a few minutes to squeeze a round in. It’s also perfect to take along with you on a picnic on the beach or while lounging in a park.


If you’re someone who gets bored with games because the rules are too simple or it all feels too repetitive, then Fluxx might be the perfect game for you. In Fluxx, the rules change as you play. It starts with only two rules¾draw one card, play one card. As you play, however, it gets increasingly chaotic. It’s not the most relaxing game as you have to pay attention, but it is incredibly enjoyable.

One of the other nice features of Fluxx is that there are so many different editions¾everyone can find one that fits their interests. For the avid traveller, there’s the Across America and Around the World editions. For those interested in distances a bit further, there’s the Martian and Astronomy editions. And if something scary is what you’re looking for, Fluxx also has a Zombie edition and a Cthulhu edition.

Playing cards while travelling is an ideal solution to moments in between activities. It is also a great way to make friends and break the ice with new people you meet. There’s just one card game that you must avoid¾Three Card Monte. No matter how easy it looks, you can never win, so it’s just not worth the appeal!

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