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Helsinki’s Hiking Adventures: Sipoonkorpi, Nuuksio, and Liesjärvi

pathway surrounded by trees
Credit: Unsplash/Lucas Marcomini

Helsinki is one of the most rewarding destinations for those seeking to immerse themselves in nature. A great way to explore untouched nature is to go hiking. The adventure will get you close to nature, and the hiking trails in Helsinki offer an unforgettable experience - Sipoonkorpi, Nuuksio, and Liesjärvi are some must-hike spots.

Sipoonkorpi Hiking Trails

Whether you are looking for an adventurous hike or an opportunity to go hiking with family, Sipoonkorpi has it all. The terrain at Sipoonkorpi National Park is perfect for hiking, and nature enthusiasts will love it. The good part is that there are both easy and strenuous hike trails, where one can find versatile habitats, bird and animal species, and the splendour of flowers. The park is known for its diverse landscapes, including lush forests, rocky outcrops, serene wetlands, and scenic views, with highlights like the picturesque Storträsk lake and Glimmerberget hill. With such an amazing variety, it’s no wonder that Sipoonkorpi makes a fantastic destination for hikers.

Hiking Trails at Nuuksio

Nuuksio is a fantastic destination where one can enjoy nature by bike or go riding on a horse. Some pathways are wheelchair accessible, and one can also use a trolley. Nuuksio National Park has multiple nature trails ideal for beginners and experienced hikers. What's mesmerising is the wealth of hiking opportunities amidst beautiful natural landscapes, including forests, lakes, and rocky outcrops. For hiking-lovers, here are some popular trails - the moderate Haukankierros Trail (4 km / 2.5 miles), the easy Punarinnankierros Trail (2 km / 1.2 miles), and the challenging Klassarinkierros Trail (17 km / 10.5 miles) amongst others.

a couple in a forest taking photos
Credit: Pexels/Yaroslav Shuraev

Hiking Opportunities at Liesjärvi

How about one more exciting park to hike in Helsinki? Don't miss out on exploring the trails in Liesjärvi National Park. Nature enthusiasts will undoubtedly love the hiking opportunity, and it will make a wonderful time out with the whole family. Set amidst serene natural beauty, which includes lakes, forests, and mires, it is a popular hotspot with hiking enthusiasts. Some well-known trails include the scenic Kyynäränharju Trail (3 km / 1.9 miles), the family-friendly Korteniemi Heritage Farm Trail (5 km / 3.1 miles), and the moderate Lake Savilahti Trail (6 km / 3.7 miles), amongst others.

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