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5 Entertaining and Fun Activities to Do in Helsinki

live concert
Credit: Unsplash/Liam Shaw

As the capital city of Finland, Helsinki boasts several thrilling activities you can enjoy to make the most of your trip. From outdoor summer activities to indoor winter enjoyment, there's something to do for everyone in every season. And if you're wondering are these activities limited to daytime, worry not. Check out our list of nighttime entertainment you can try while in Helsinki, Finland. Have fun!

Nightclubs & Concerts

Before you plan your day, you should always check out the events, festivals & holidays happening in the area. That way, you know when to avoid public spots that can be closed on holidays, and you can book tickets for musical events happening during that time. And if you prefer something less crowded, then head to nightclubs in Helsinki. From electric to jazz and everything in between, there are clubs offering live music, DJs, ambience & atmosphere for everyone!

Online Gambling

Have you ever tried your luck in the Finnish capital, Helsinki? Visit one of the famous online gambling websites to experience virtual gambling. It is a safe & secure way to try out new games & play for stakes that you're comfortable with! Online gambling is perfect for those night owls who prefer the peace & comfort of their hotel rooms over mingling with crowds. Give it a try because you might win; big!

Sauna, Sauna & More Sauna

Sauna bench
Credit: Pixabay/Mariakray

When you visit Helsinki, there is one must-do thing you must try before you leave the city; head to a sauna! This city has saunas on every corner, from public to semi-private. Experiencing a Finnish sauna is a perfect way for you to relax, unwind and even get to know the local traditions and culture. It can be a cathartic experience like no other!

Bar Hopping for Tasty Drinks

If you are in the mood to let loose, Helsinki has several bars that will give you a taste of what you're looking for. From a classic gin & tonic to something much more elegant, you can pick and choose what you desire. We recommend Gate A21, a bar & music club, for high-class cocktails, craft beers, or traditional Finnish drinks. Cheers!

Dining & Shopping

What's the best way to unwind after exploring city attractions? Munching on some much-needed fuel, of course! There are several popular restaurants you can visit. And if you need to burn off a heavy lunch or an early dinner, check out the local boutiques for some retail therapy. It's the best kind of workout too! What are you waiting for? Grab the best hotel deals and book a flight to the Finnish capital without wasting more time. It'll be worth it!

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