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6 Unique & Exciting Things to Try in Helsinki

Helsinki Tram
Tram in Helsinki. Credit: Pixabay/Jori Samonen

Bored of visiting the same type of tourist attractions? Are you looking to do something to make your trip to the Finnish capital even more memorable? We've listed six unique things you can do throughout your holiday, however short or long it is. Besides visiting the iconic landmarks, you'll experience Helsinki as a local and leave back with lots of pictures & happy memories!

Travel by a Vintage Tram

We've all been in a subway or metro or inside of a taxi or Uber, but how about getting around by a vintage tram? In Helsinki, you have a chance to take a tram ride that is still running in certain lines of the city. Loaded with charm and functionality, these little motorized beauties have been in use since 1891 and still run around the city and neighbourhoods. Don't miss enjoying this trip!

Get your Caffeine Fix

Whether you're touring for the entire day or just had a long night enjoying at the local nightclubs, caffeine is there to solve all your problems! The Finnish love their coffee, and it's almost as big as the local culture. Enjoy all the local brews, cold and hot, and don't miss out on those hidden coffee shops. You'll find what you love!

Visit Temppeliaukion Church

Temppeliaukio Church
Temppeliaukio Church, Helsinki.
Credit: Flickr/Dennis Jarvis/CC BY-SA 2.0

Have you ever been to Temppeliaukion Church? It doesn't matter if you're religious or not, because that church, among many, will make you feel like you're in a movie. This specific church is a part of almost all city tours and is also an important part of the local community.

Indoor Nightlife

Ever tried your money luck just by sitting on the couch? MGA-licensed casinos are a Finnish favourite because you get hundreds of casinos to choose from. Not only are these licensed casinos safe for players, but you can gamble within the EU territory without breaking any laws. All tax payouts are free and the best part is gives Finnish players the best possible bonuses too! Interested? Give your luck a try without ever leaving your home. Talk about safety & security!

Wander in Nature

Besides the local gardens and parks, Helsinki has several hiking trails that you can try exploring with your partner or family. Visit the Liesjärvi National Park or the Reitti 2000 in Laakso. Some of them are a little farther than the Helsinki city centre, but the view & the walk is worth it!

Art & Culture

It doesn't matter if you're an art lover or not, because Helsinki's museums and local galleries are nothing short of treasure! You will learn about local Finnish artists, the history of Helsinki, and much more. Most visits are free, and some even offer guided tours so you can learn. Definitely, a good way to spend time with the kids!

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