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Exploring Helsinki's Virtual Wonders and Digital Escapes

Helsinki downtown
Helsinki downtown. Credit: Pixabay/Rudy and Peter Skitterians

Hang on! If you've wished to take a virtual tour of Helsinki before planning your trip, here's what you can do. One thing is clear - you'll love the virtual experiences as much as heading down to this dreamy city for a fun-filled vacation packed with plenty of sightseeing opportunities and more. Here’s a sneak peek.

Experience digital platforms

Equip yourself with a VR headset as you enjoy some sensational online events, art exhibitions, and shopping experiences. The new experiences can sensitize you to the city and ignite your interest in exploring places during your next vacation. Of course, visitors will not just be restricted to digital experiences, but the "why to visit" is answered better with such digital platforms, and it is the future of tourism and the new normal today.

Simulations and virtual tourism

Get your HTC VIVE, VIVE Proc, and Oculus Rift ready for a virtual experience that will help you tour the famous landmarks of Helsinki. Virtual Helsinki was created using 3D modelling and has been attracting millions of virtual visitors. Tour the empire-style Senate Square and the White Church, and visit places to go shopping in a virtual souvenir store, with the option of having items delivered home. Now, isn't that cool?

Virtual tours

You are in the city and have limited time to explore? Fear not! Flying Cinema has you covered. Just head to Katajanokka, a neighbourhood of Helsinki, book your tickets in advance or maybe just pop in to enjoy an enthralling tour of Helsinki's and Finland's most exhilarating landmarks. What's more: you don't need to worry about the weather or the distances.

Virtual Culinary Experiences

Want to get a taste of Helsinki wherever you are? Discover Finnish cuisine and culinary traditions through virtual cooking classes, food tours, and tastings. Learn how to prepare traditional Finnish dishes, explore local ingredients, and experience the flavours of Helsinki's food scene from your own kitchen.

Digital Nature Escapes

Experience the natural beauty of Helsinki and its surroundings through virtual nature tours and outdoor adventures. Explore Helsinki's parks, forests, and waterfront areas through immersive online experiences that showcase the city's scenic landscapes and wildlife.

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