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Experience the Northern Lights in Helsinki

Credit: Pixabay

Witnessing the dance of the Northern Lights is a once in a lifetime kind of experience for many of us. The surreal display of this natural phenomenon can be experienced at places which are located at high latitude.

The city of Helsinki also presents this phenomenon in its autumn and winter months, as the summers there are mostly night less.

The Best Time to Visit Helsinki for Northern Lights

The best months to see the Northern lights in the city are from September to October and from February to March. On cloudless nights you can try viewing them between 9pm and 1am in the morning.

The Ideal Place

Try viewing from the Observatory Hill (Tähtitorninmäki or Tähtitorninvuoren puisto) or the numerous parks in the city. Also, try to find a place where you will not be disturbed by the interference of the traffic lights. You can see the auroras once in every 20 days in Helsinki. However, when the magnetic field of the earth is evenly distributed auroras or Northern lights can be visible for some hours from all over Europe.   

Know more about the chasing the Northern lights tours.

Keep in mind that the ‘Auroras’ are fickle and no one can predict their occurrence many days in advance. You may get prediction within 2-3 days of their occurrence, therefore patience and perseverance is the key to spot them. It is miraculous and enchanting and worth watching every moment.


Piyush Vakhariya
We are in Helsinki from 23.11.2018 to 25.11.2018 In this period we want to see the northern lights
We want to see northen lights in november in Finnland, could you please advise us the best date and place to see it?
The best months to see the Northern lights are from September to October and February to March. And it should be cloudless night, 9 pm and 1 am in the morning.
Humphrey Channey
Hello, We are visiting Helsinki for the first time between 3/14-3/18 this year 2019. Is there any chance to see Northern Lights in Helsinki ? Not sure we will have time to go up north to Lapland in such short time. Please advise, Thanks, Humphrey
@Humphery, Yes, you should be able to experience Northern lights. Book a tour well in advance and don't miss the chance to experience the Northern lights. You can book a tour either:


Is there any chance that I might see the northern lights when I visit Helsinki on a cruise on the 10th oct ? We leave late at night on the 10th
@Vicky, If you are lucky you might see the northern lights.
Mr. Jambor
We will be in Helsinki from 6 to 8 september.How high is the chance to see nothern lights?
@Jambor, It all depends upon the weather conditions. September to October is the best period to see the Northern lights provided its cloudless night.
Ericka Joy Dela Paz
Hi is there chance to see the northern lights in helenski last wk of October thanks
Ankur jain
I will be visiting in first week of April next year ..where I can see them in Helsinki ?
Jasmine Marie Montrose Figueredo
I will be at Helsinki April 02/2020 for 8 hours I will like to see The Northern lights!
We will came Helsinki in Feb-2021 during 12-15 Feb 2021. And want to see northern lights. Is there is a chance to see or travel some other date? Please reply. Thanks and Regards, Saurabh K. Chhaya
@Saurabh Though the best months are from September to October and from February to March, it depends upon weather conditions.

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