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4 Crucial Safety Tips for Travelers with Chronic Illness

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While traveling, say to Finland, can be a great way to relax, unwind, and just reward yourself for all your hard work, the physical demands of flying, lugging heavy bags around, and being in a new place can be stressful. This is especially true for those with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, arthritis, and epilepsy. However, a little planning and preparation can make your trip safer and more enjoyable. 

Things to do before you go on a vacation 

It always helps if you are prepared enough for any eventuality. This is especially true if you’re traveling thousands of miles away from home. 

Visit your health care provider at least one month before your trip. 

Some medicines, like steroids, can weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to infections. Going to an unfamiliar place can make you more vulnerable. This is why it’s important that you tell your doctor about your travel plans. 

You will need to inform your healthcare provider about your itinerary so he/she can prescribe you with any destination-specific medicines or vaccines to keep you protected whilst abroad. 

Research on health and safety concerns at your destination. 

Are there known illnesses that a lot of tourists contract whilst in your chosen destination? Are there any health advisories about transmittable diseases in your country of choice? You should have enough information about it to know how to protect yourself whilst there. 

If you’re taking medicinal cannabis for your arthritis or epilepsy, you should find out whether you can bring some with you when you enter the country of your choice. If you’re traveling to Finland, for example, small quantities for personal use may be allowed. 

Take a travel health kit with you. 

This should have your prescriptions, vitamins and supplements, other medicines, and first aid supplies. Make sure to pack your medical supplies inside your carry-on luggage so you’ll have it just within reach whenever you need it. Prescription medicines should be inside their original bottles. Don’t forget to carry copies of your original prescriptions, too. 

Your travel health kit should also include your health insurance card. Make sure it has their helpline number to get medical assistance right away. 

Get travel insurance. 

You should seriously consider buying travel insurance, especially since you have a chronic illness. This will cover costs should your trip get canceled or rescheduled in the event that you’re too sick to travel. It will also cover healthcare costs should you be hospitalized in another country. In case of a medical emergency, your travel insurance policy will also cover the costs of medical evacuation to a high-quality facility to ensure that you’ll receive the proper medical attention if you will need it. 

Traveling with medical cannabis

If you are suffering from chronic pain, epilepsy, or other illness and are using medical cannabis, you will need to know how you can safely and legally travel with it. 

If you’re traveling across US states, medicial cannabis transported across state lines is considered a federal crime, which means that you can be charged with drug trafficking. But in states where it is legal, you will need to present your medical marijuana card to prove that you are actually using it for medical purposes. There are also places where you might be required to register for their medical marijuana program before flying in. So be sure to know all about the laws to avoid getting into trouble. 

Before flying to your destination, know the laws about transporting medical cannabis. This means that you should consider not going to a place where you can get jailed for possessing and using marijuana even for medical purposes. 

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