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Most Gorgeous Instagrammable Spots in Helsinki

Helsinki Cathedral
Helsinki Cathedral. Credit: Pexels/Marlene Leppänen

Helsinki is full of magnificent things to do and see. From brilliant architecture to unique museums, visitors can find some great photo-worthy places in the city. Are you looking for the most photo-worthy Instagram spots in Helsinki? Look no further! We've rounded up the most photographic spots for you in Helsinki.

Helsinki Cathedral

You cannot miss out on visiting the city's most popular attraction, the Helsinki Cathedral. It has striking architecture built during the Russian Czarist Empire by Carl Ludvig Enge. With turquoise domes set against the pristine white building, it has a lovely blend of neo-classicism and traditionalism. The interiors don minimal ornamentation, and visitors must look out for the golden chandeliers. The large and impressive building offers some excellent photo opportunities, so plan your sightseeing tour and include this site.


Take out time to visit the Unesco World Heritage Site, Suomenlinna. A fantastic sea fortress located on the coast of Helsinki was originally built by the Swedes, as Sveaborg, in the mid-18th century. The gorgeous and historically evocative site offers guests opportunities to explore several museums, bunkers, and fortress walls. Suomenlinna is one of the ideal venues to get some fantastic shots.

Main room of the National Library of Finland
Main room of the National Library of Finland. Credit: Unsplash/Karson

National Library of Finland

Book lovers will love the National Library of Finland, but it is also a great place filled with great photo opportunities. The library is an impressive architectural masterpiece built in the Russian Empire era. The building is a stunner; visitors will love to revel in the architecture and design.

Cafe Regatta

Located by the sea, Cafe Regatta is an amazing red cottage cafe originally owned by the famous cafe family, Paulig. It is a great spot to relax in a charismatic and relaxed atmosphere. What's more: guests will love the fresh cinnamon buns, blueberry pies, and filter coffee. It makes a pretty photo location for your Gram.

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