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Jaw-dropping Experiences You Can’t Afford Missing out in Helsinki

suomenlinna, Helsinki
suomenlinna, Helsinki. Credit: Pixabay

In 2017, 4.2 million people stayed in Helsinki overnight, according to Helsinki quarterly. The city has a lot to offer and amazing sites to see. The architectural uniqueness that ranges from a mixture of Scandinavian style and the modern styles is worth seeing. Helsinki appears in various colors depending on the season, ranging from summer greens, Baltic blues, and the crystalline white in winter.

You can explore the city on foot, bike, and also through the excellent public transport system, which includes boats to the city's islands, ferries, and trains. Embarking on a sightseeing cruise to explore the gorgeous shorelines of Helsinki would just be breathtaking. Its proximity to the sea and strategic location make Helsinki a unique and attractive Cruising destination

Explore Suomenlinna

The fortress of Finland is one of the most popular and beautiful sights in Finland and a UNESCO world heritage site. The vast maritime fortress that unfolds around several islands was established in the mid-1800s by the Swedes. Their primary intention was defending their eastern territories. Take a ferry from Kauppatori, and in 20 minutes, you will arrive at one of the most amazing humanmade places in Scandinavia. Ensure that you experience a real technological feat of engineering, explore the islands greener parts, the impressive museums, and the magnificent dry rock before leaving the islands. In the midst of the star-shaped barriers and gun-like features is a tiny baroque settlement, which forms home to more than 1000 people. You can access Suomenlinna for most of the year; however, hours and ferry access vary. 

Sample Traditional Foods

Authentic traditional foods in Finland depend on the season: Winter, spring, summer, and autumn; therefore, make sure you research and choose your meals appropriately. A lot of good Finnish restaurants located in cities like Helsinki use seasonal produce to create amazing dishes. Finnish food is made with basic raw ingredients, fresh and simple. They do not use spices. With every bite you take, you will taste the flavors in their natural state, not masked behind varied aromas and spices. Visit the national museum of Finland For anyone interested in learning about Finland’s past, this is the place to be. It presents Finnish history ranging from the Stone Age to current. The unique building is located in the center of Helsinki, and new exhibitions are always available. You will be able to see how the Finnish culture and society evolved during the middle age. Exhibits of early civilizations, including a Neolithic offering stone and an Iron Age burial cist, are also shown.

Drop By Temppeliaukio Church (The Rock Church)

Two brothers in the late 1960s designed the rock church, and it is arguably Finland's most famous archaeological site. There aren’t many churches in the world that are as unique as this one; therefore, it is a must-see place if you happen to visit Helsinki. The building was carved out of a large block of granite, and it lies partly underground. The church hosts a lot of concerts, mainly due to its fantastic acoustics.  The distinct and serene atmosphere, together with the concealed destinations, makes this beautiful city worth visiting and taking in all the amazing experiences it has to offer.

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