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Enjoy 5 Traditional Finnish Desserts in Winter

Credit: Unsplash/Max Griss

Have you ever wondered what makes the holiday season so special? Besides the picturesque snow-capped city streets and the fun-filled laughter from families shopping around, the best part about the holiday season is the food! This winter, ditch the holiday diet and indulge in some delicious traditional Finnish desserts prepared hot & fresh. Share the desserts and enjoy the sugar high with your loved ones around you.


Cerdit: Pixabay/AI Leino

Runebergintorttu, also called the Runeberg Tart, is available to enjoy from as early as January in some stores & cafes. This dish is said to have been created in Finland itself, making it a traditional delight. The tart is best enjoyed with a topping of raspberry jam, some icing and a side of your favourite hot beverage! Enjoy!


Joulutorttu is among the most popular Christmas treats because the name of the dessert translates to 'Christmas Stars'. This star-shaped cookie has a jam filling and a ricotta pastry. Enjoy this delight on Christmas Eve, or try baking it at home for a low-key family affair. This dish won't disappoint!


Rönttönen is one of those dishes that will make you question whether it is a dessert. This sweet pie has been traditionally made in Finland during the cool winter months. The key ingredients are potatoes, lingonberries and rye flour. Try out this incredibly interesting sweet pie, and let us know what you think!


Piparkakku. Credit: Pxhere

Piparkakku is a classic Christmas treat because it is also known by a common name called 'Gingerbread Cookie'. Made from cardamon, ginger, and cloves, this sweet delight can be enjoyed with hot coffee, mulled wine, some tea or even with milk if you like! The best part is that you can order it from a bakery or make it fresh at home.


Laskiaispulla is not just a comfort food but a light dessert you can enjoy before and after any meal! This is a shrove bun where the bun is made with spices and sugar with a filling of jam and whipped cream. To top it off, this dish is dusted with powdered sugar. Order up at any of your favourite local cafes in Helsinki, as it is available fresh during the winter months, from January to March!

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